Black is Back!

Stephen black walk in waterStephen Black has raised a  £6837.55 for Walton Neurological Centre, after Walking in Water. 

Six years ago Stephen fell 60 feet to the ground and was rushed to Walton Neurological Centre and put on a life support machine.

He spent five weeks in a coma and began the journey of learning how to eat, talk and dress (basically everything we would normally take for granted) all over again.

In 2014 Stephen decided to give back and help the hospital that saved his life. He walked in water (300 widths to be precise) in 3 hours.

“It was an accomplishment considering I’m in a wheelchair, however I like to push myself, so for my second venture I’m going to walk twice as far, 600 widths (10K).”

In September 2015,  he did just that. Not only doubling the walk distance, he smashed his previous time and completed Walk in Water 2, in a staggering 1 hour and 40 minutes!

Stephen Black big ChequeStephen’s fundraising efforts of £6837.55 will go towards helping the Walton Neurological Centre to build accommodation to enable family members to stay with their loved ones in their time of need.

Click here to take a look at Stephen’s Walk in Water 2

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