Drew Thompson – Knowsley Resident

5Hi, my name is Drew Thompson and I live in Whiston with my mum Paula.

I have suffered discrimination throughout my life for being different. I have struggled to fit in due to having autism. I think some people misunderstand and think I am strange but they don’t try to get to know me and understand me better. They just judge me instead.

I have been involved with various groups such as Being Involved Group (BIG group), KULO and Autism Service Development Group (ASDG) and it really annoys me that nothing ever seems to get done. This is why I am part of these groups though in the hope that young people with autism won’t have to go through what I have and they get the best opportunities to excel at what they are good at.

I like computer gaming, to read crime books and comic books. I watch different types of films like action, thrillers and horrors. My favourite three films are: Red Dragon, Avengers and Dark Knight. I like Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. I could talk about films and comics all day.

I am passionate about making changes for disabled people and hope through these various groups we can accomplish this.

I’m currently part of the project team for Plan B which is a social activity programme for young adults with autism, which will keep me very busy this year.

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